Founder &
Creative Director


Louise, the founder and creative director of BALOU began her education at Parsons School of Design where she majored in Fashion Design. She was able to develop her identity as a designer through projects and collaborations with different companies in Paris : in 2018 she was selected by Tranoï to exhibit her work at Le Carrousel du Louvre and in 2019 she exhibited with Swarovski at the first Benefit Gala of Parsons.

Louise had the chance to work alongside companies like Maison Lesage and Yves Delorme. In 2019, she made her thesis collection titled «Le Rétais». Her interest in eco-friendly fashion concepts and materials, and her will to explore the most responsible and sustainable options have driven her research. However, the main focus of her reflection is the notion of transmission from generation to generation.  Progressively, prints became one of the core aspects developed in her thesis work.

After nine months of hard work, in March 2021, she decided to launch her own brand BALOU
. The key aspects of this brand are prints, timelessness and zero waste. It is possible to choose any piece and print from her collection available on made-to-order and pre-order. All orders are custom-made for the customer to avoid any wastes. The garments are all inspired from the island where she designed all of the collection and created the brand. 

The imaginary world that led her to design this collection is rooted on an island, her second home, called l’Île de Ré, in France. The island inspired Louise to make clothes for the islanders and their home. 

Brand Manager

Camille was born in France but grew up in various countries, including Spain, Brazil, England, and Italy. As a result, she was able to speak several languages at a young age, but she feels that her experiences abroad taught her more essential lessons. It led her to be adaptable, open-minded, and people-oriented. 


After a Bsc at ESCP Europe, she decided to undertake a Master's at Imperial College in London, both in International Management. Camille developed a desire to work on an environmentally responsible project during this period, understanding that it was critical to a company's long-term success.


Her motivation to work in fashion stems from her love of high-quality textiles and the present challenges that businesses in the industry are facing. The numbers speak for themselves: the fashion industry harms the environment, mainly due to its excessive use of water and non-renewable energy, as well as on society, as seen by child labor in clothing factories. That is why she is keen to take part in the challenge of balancing customers' ever-increasing desires with today's socio-economic goals.

Improvements are already highlighted in the annual CSR reports; however, the current trend is toward slow fashion and sustainable and local consumerism. Camille knows that her generation is responsible for acting on it, and she'd like to lend her expertise to help the fashion industry have a constructive influence.


She is confident that it has a positive impact on society and she takes great pride in knowing that she has a part in it. BALOU shares this vision, and it has been a great pleasure for Camille to be part of it since 2022 as the brand manager.

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"Pucci-inspired prints are popping up everywhere and fashion girls are obsessed. Emili Sindlev in Balou."

« Les nouvelles marques dont tout le monde parle » : des pièces fabriquées localement en France, à la commande uniquement et dans des matières responsables. Tout ce qu’on aime. Balou vient tout juste d’offrir au monde ses beaux imprimés seventies et son aura nostalgique de « fin de vacances » tout droit sorties d’un album photo des  70’s.

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